Our Covid & Sick Policies

Due to the spread of COVID 19, we have updated our sick policy to reflect important protective practices. Our goal is always to keep everyone as healthy as possible, and that is now more important than ever. We appreciate your partnership in keeping everyone healthy and safe!

COVID-19 Preventative Measures

  • All staff and children will be screened each morning for COVID 19 risk factors, symptoms, and temperatures.
  • All staff will wear face coverings while in a classroom with children.
  • Parents will not be allowed into the building.
  • As they enter the building, children will use hand sanitizer at the front door (with adult assistance) and will wash their hands with soap and water when they enter the classroom.
  • Door handles and other frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.
  • Toys and furniture will be sanitized daily.
  • Toys that have been mouthed will be pulled immediately and will be cleaned and disinfected before returning to the play area.
  • Children who attend extended day will have a second health check and will be provided with fresh linens for naptime each day.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19 he/she may not return to school until:

  • 10 days after the onset of symptoms; AND
  • they have been fever-free for 3 days without medication; AND
  • all other symptoms have decreased

Procedures for a positive COVID-19 test within our school:

  • We will contact our local Health Department and our Child Care Health Consultant.
  • We will follow ALL recommendations and directives from the Health Department, even if it overrides our internal policies.
  • We will close the school for a minimum of 2 days to clean and sanitize.

Children may also not come to school or will be sent home from school if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or more, with or without other symptoms
  • Diarrhea (one or more abnormally loose stool)
  • Vomiting
  • Unexplained spots or rash
  • Severe coughing
  • Conjunctivitis (tearing, redness of eyelid lining or irritation of the eye)
  • Headache and/or stiff neck
  • Listlessness or lethargy (not able to participate in classroom activities)
  • Nasal congestion that is green, yellow, thick and/or opaque
  • A child with conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) may not return to school until 24 hours after the antibiotic drops have been started AND the eyes are mucus and drainage free.
  • A child with a communicable disease such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus or whooping cough is not allowed at school until a doctor says she or he is no longer contagious. State law requires these diseases be reported to the director.
If your child has any of these symptoms on a regular basis caused by something other than illness, please let us know. We may require documentation from your child’s doctor explaining the symptoms and their cause(s).

Returning to School

  • Do not return your child to school until 24 hours after the above symptoms have passed. If your child is sent home from school he or she may not return the next day.
  • If a child is taken to the doctor and determined not to be contagious, she or he may return if:
    • All symptoms have subsided; AND
    • A doctor’s note is provided stating that the child was seen and is not contagious.
  • If a child is out of Preschool for more than five days for illness, a note from the doctor stating that your child is not contagious is required when returning to school.
The teachers, director and/or administrative staff have the right to send home a child for any reason if in their judgment the child appears ill.