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We believe raising a child is a partnership involving parents, family and educators.  We support our families and we take pride in the growth of their children.  Parents are welcome in the classroom at any time and play an active role in the life of the preschool.  They participate in social and educational events as well as serve on the board of directors and volunteer committees.

​​​​​​Walk our halls, visit our classrooms and just listen.  You will hear a symphony of voices laughing, singing, making plans, and engaging in sweet conversation.  These are the sounds of happy children.  We take our students’ happiness seriously and it is a key component in our approach to education.

Our Standards of Excellence govern all that we do here at TBOP. These standards have made us the first Jewish

preschool in the area with the five-star designation, the highest license rating issued by North Carolina’s Department of Heath and Human Services, Division of Child Development.  We maintain the highest level of safety standards, and we are committed to maintaining our low teacher/student ratio, which is well below what is allowed by the State.

In addition to each classroom’s curriculum for the year, children take an active role in becoming good citizens within their community.  Teachers use role modeling, active play and discovery to teach our children about recycling, reducing waste, giving tzedakah/charity, sharing with others, caring for nature, and being kind. We have had an active relationship with Growing Together, a non-profit preschool that works with children living in public housing, since the early 1990’s. Through this partnership we teach our students the many wonderful ways of being a good friend to those in need.